1234 House

Over, Cambridgeshire, England

An extension and renovation of an existing double storey 1960's brick house, lived in by the family for a number of years prior to beginning work. The brief was to extend and expand the usable space, reorganising a compact living arrangement and adding additional bedrooms for the 4 kids. This brief later expanded to include opening up the kitchen and renovating the principle spaces throughout the house.

Two new volumes sit at either end of the existing house, breaking down the scale of house into smaller volumes. These volumes are then made distinct by use of different timber treatment on the new volumes, while the existing bricks volumes are sliced into simpler forms and painted alternating black and white. Existing windows were all replaced  and a new entry porch  and landscaping added.

These new areas allow a carving out of new internal spaces to service the needs of a growing family. An awkward downstairs series of connected spaces are redivided into an open plan kitchen and dining room facing to the rear, while a dividable living space is separated to face the street. Upstairs, new bedrooms in the extended volumes allow for a new upstairs multi-use flexible space, lined with storage. Two large new skylights open this space up and allow for an open light filled space, with connecting views between rooms.

Achieved on an extremely tight budget, the renovation has transformed the house from a dull dark cramped series of spaces to an open and light filled family home and is testament to what is possible with a determined, committed and enlightened client/architect collaboration.

Quarterway Construction

Charles Tallack